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  • Which combination of mic presets for the most realistic sound?

    Messing with my template a bit that is currently using Synchron Strings Pro and Synchron Brass.

    If you want to go for the most realistic sound, does it make sense to mix mic presets between those sections (or even individual instruments)? 

    With that I mean for example: that the brass section is further away than the strings. So would it make sense to put the strings on Classic Sur to Stereo, and the brass on Distant Sur to stereo (I mostly use the Sur to Stereo presets - but feel free comment on others).

    Any favorite combinations? Or stuff that just works well? Can I safely assume mixing differnet presets will not cause phasing?

  • Combinations of Decca Tree Wide to Stereo and Surround Distant to Stereo work quite well together to achieve an effect of depth between different instruments.

  • This is interesting to me because I still have MirPro24 but have wondered if that's not necessary any longer if I'm using Synchron player?  I typically load sychron instruments in VE (I guess that's obvious) but have also noticed the level of the instruments is greatly reduced if I do that compared to non-Mir instances.  

    Just wondering what others do in this regard.