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  • Can't Download Solo Strings 1 Full


    Just purchased Solo Strings 1 Extended but am having problems downloading. I'm using an iMac running Big Sur. In chrome the tab says loading but after 10 mins nothing happening. Safari says it can't open adresses begining with vsl-download.

    How to proceed?

    Thanks, Colin


    The problem is the download link (the license key) you get in the email sent when your purchase is confirmed. I've managed to download the SS download file directly from MyVSL rather than from the link in the email when I purchased the extended version this morning - is this the proper download file?

    Thanks, Colin

  • Hello Colin, 

    I just checked and see that you have Solo Strings I Standard Library registered on your account already. This means that the whole content of the Full Library is already available on your harddrive and the Extended Library license will unlock the additional content. 

    Does that help?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Great

    I'll give it a go.