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  • SY Player request - drag-and-drop slots everywhere and mass deleting

    Hi! I do custom presets a lot by modifying original presets. A typical process contains deleting most of all slots in one group and rearranging slots between vertical groups. Now this task is extremely long and boring and will take a week of routine boring work for Brass library, for example.

    How software allows doing this for now:

    •     Deleting - need to click "right mouse button" on a slot, select "delete", click on "yes" inside confirm window. I have to do this about 200 times for every new instrument library I buy
    •     Drag-and-Drop - it's not possible to drag and drop slots from one column to another at all. User has to click the "right mouse button" on the slot, select "copy", then click "right mouse button" on the desired destination and click "paste"

    That's not a fanny job, guys.

    How it could be:

    •     Deleting - press and hold "Ctrl" or "Alt" + click on slots that should be deleted. That will perform mass selecting. Press "delete" or "backspace" on Mac. No need confirmation window when mass deleting. User can't accidentally delete items. User already checked what should be deleted. I am kind of OK if still need to press the "right mouse button" to see a context menu and choose "delete" too. But just clicking on "backspace" for Mac or "delete" for Windows is more modern UX. Similar to Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V shortcuts.
    •     Drag-and-Drop - just make all vertical groups are allowed to accept a dragging slot.

    I believe mentioned tasks are just a quick user interface tweaking so it doesn't require deep refactoring and can be easily done for the next version. However, if you are able to do that this week you guys will make me a huge gift.

  • And it's totally fine if you implement "mass deleting" working on a standalone app only. In case if it's not easy to intercept "Ctrl" or "Alt" for the plugin. Anything! Any quickest solution is required 😅🙏

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    I am pretty sure that the reason I haven't bought Synchron Brass is because of my RSI + Carpel tunnel from setting up 55 Expression Maps, 14 different VE Pro/MIR Pro templates with corresponding Cubase templates with 3 Bome MT Pro templates.. 

    I think they should do a little work on the UX. NOT FUN!👎

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    I've sent PM to Paul with only a link to this thread just to get his attention to this problem because I can't use this library without adapting it to my system. I just wanted to find a solution! And he kind of blamed me that I am trying to be pushy.

    What's going on in VSL?

    Is that a premium product support? Are you doing products for us or for yourself? I am hands-off. Writing to this guy is disappointing.

  • It seems like Paul doesn't understand the meaning of word "pushing". I'll be pushing if I get attention of

    Herb Tucmandl
    Founder and Managing Director

    to the problem of fighting with customers instead of listening them and being grateful for proposing a detailed solution.

    And yes, I found it reasonable to be pushy this time. Nothing wrong with it. I don't want to be insulted by Paul's attitude any more, so I written message to Mr. Tucmandl. Because I want to continue to use the VSL libraries with pleasure, I want to buy new products and I don't want to think about harmful behaviour of some of employees.


  • Hi alexandr,

    Wow. So we got off on the wrong foot there. Herb says hello as well :-)

    Of course we will see what's possible and I have talked about your requests with our developers before your many postings, mails and PMs.

    I will be back with more information when I have it. Until then: Take it easy. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • OK

  • Please post at this thread when the feature is ready so I can get an update. Thanks.