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  • Possible Artist Presets Kevin Penkin?


    this is more subjective but thanks for hearing me out

     In 2017 i'd watch Made in Abyss, one of my favorite anime of all time; followed by a killer soundtrack by Penkin. seeing him composed at a beautiful scoring stage; that when i fell in love with vsl.

    coincidentally Vsl soon release the new special editions. to this day there the best vsti i ever used for orchestral work...but still even with the Ir-samples of the scoring stage, the samples lack the full emergence of the space. hearing a rich sound like in the ost of Blue Planet II, I'd eagerly awaited  waited for the full releases of the Synchron Series.

    Now that Synchron Strings and Brass is out i want to created that beautiful emerging sounds. is there a possible way to customize the player(mics,level,reverb,) to match Kevin's/Zimmer's work

    Thank you, triscore 


    Planet Blue II scoring section

    Made in abyss  scoring section 

  • In Vep And Mir/285278

  • Thank 

    i probably stick with the stage instruments, they have the emergence factor MIR can't recreate. this is probably as close as I can get so I just tinker until I have my ideal set up, thanks