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  • Latest Synchron Player Articulation Switch Problem

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    Dear Synchron Library Fellows:
    I've just encountered "Velocity Controlled Articulation Switch Problem" while building my SY Brass Template. Don't know if anyone here got same problem. Need a bit of urgent help since all my winds samples in SY Player are using this approach.
    Here is the situation:

    I layered two articulations in a column, without stacking, which are short notes and dynamics (marcato/sfz/sffz). This column is controlled by Dim. Controller F, linked to Velocity.

    When I raise the velocity, the UI switch to second layer correctly, but still player the lower layer. I will need to trigger higher layer again to hear the right articulation.

    Also, when I try to trigger the lower layer, (if the engine has already triggered higher layer) I will now hear the higher layer, which is dynamics (marcato/sfz/sffz). Then I will also need to trigger lower layer again to hear the right articulation.

    I have been using velocity switch for all winds in my template, now every wind instruments in my template start to act like this.

    Do you have any suggestion for this?

    Here is my equipment, software, OS list:
    Mac Pro (Late 2013), macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7
    Protools Version 2021.6.0
    Vienna Ensemble Pro 7.0.1056 - May 20 2020
    Windows 10, latest update
    Vienna Ensemble Pro 7.0.1056 - May 20 2020
    Synchron Player 1.1.2032
    Hope you could share your ideas.

  • Here is my updated test for this issue:

    I just downgraded my SY Player to build 1.1.1976, and the problem disappeared. But the SY Brass starts to crash while I try to send MIDI CC into it.

    I think this might be a bug and needs an urgent fix.



  • Hi, 

    Confirmed. We will look into it right at the beginning of next week.... Unfortunately Synchron Brass will only work correctly with the newer builds, so I hope you can have a little patience.

    Thanks in advance, 

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Wonderful! Thanks Paul!

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    Thanks for your input!

    Fixed now with Synchron Player 1.1.2037!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Amazing!

    Thank you Paul!