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  • The Weekly Volcano Press - Little Women (Synchron Brass, Elite Strings)

    With the release of the ~*A M A Z I N G*~ new Synchron Brass (and the Elite Strings), I couldn't help myself but recreate this track from the Broadway musical "Little Women"

    This track features the Elite Strings, Bosendorfer Upright, and the all new Synchron Brass (Horn 1, Trumpet 1, Tenor and Bass Trombone).

    I know I've only barely scratched the surface, but I am beyond thrilled to dive deeper into this new brass library! Congrats to the whole team for this astounding release!

    The Weekly Volcano Press

  • Sounds very good. But a bit too dry of a mix for my taste, I think it would sound much better with some more hall acoustics/reverb. 

    Thanks for sharing. 

  • Thanks for the feedback! I chose the "close" presets for all instruments. I might try another version with the "classic" presets and see how it sounds.

  • A lovely piece of US musical theatre (well perhaps I should write "theater", lol, cuz it's from an authentic American production).

    Plenty of theatrical narrative here, and I could easliy imagine this performance coming from the orchestra pit in a beautifully ornate and intimate old theatre house. Very clearly articulated, your programming is exemplary. Your mix too is very attractive and appositely dramatic.

    An all-round excellent job! Bravo!

  • Many thanks! 

  • Great theater piece with good themes and powerful orchestration! The only thing I miss a bit is the development of one or more themes. Now it sounds more like a collection of good ideas.

    As to the hall sound, I like the dry ambience very much, because it doesn't mask anything and it makes you feel as if you're right in front of the orchestra, although a little 'sweetener' on top of the mix wouldn't harm the overal sound.

    Wonderfully done!


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