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  • Mics never used in stereo


    I would like to reclaim back some space in my SSDs. So, I would like to remove some mics that I will never use, until I upgrade from stereo to 3D.

    Am I wrong in thinking that the High Stereo and High Surround mics are irrelevant if only working in stereo?


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    Hi Paolo. 

    Every microphone can be useful in a mix. Check out the Surround to Stereo mixer presets, the additional mics are used there all the time. Better to get more SSDs 😊


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • My preference whenever available is surround-to-stereo, I don't have a surround configuration installed.

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    @Paul said:

    Better to get more SSDs 😊

    Paul, thank you for your explanation. Yes, it's probably time for another SSD unit. Shame I've saturated my USB ports, and it is getting more and more complicate to reuse the older smaller SDD drives replaced by the bigger ones!