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  • l'Orient Express

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    Hi all,

    Here is a little piece of mine, where I explored the VI Prepared Piano and the percussive possibilities of the Upright Bass.

    Some Piano Percussive Effects were created with the UVI IRCAM Prepared Piano, the rest is VSL-VI

    - English Horn
    - Prepared Piano
    - Bösendörfer
    - Solo Cello
    - Upright Bass/Solo Bass

    l'Orient Express

    Have fun

  • Hi Stefan,

    With great interest I have listened to your score. Very well done and with a lot of creativity. The ambience is perfect for the type of music: detailed and transparent so that every single detail is audible.

    Thanks for sharing,


  • Hi Jos,

    Thank you very much for your encouraging words!

    Best regards

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