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  • PLAY and SINE player hanging on VEP7 project load


    I have had this problem pretty much with both VEP6 and 7 since forever, that sometimes some projects will hang while loading. And I can always boil it down to happening when initializing/loading something containing East West PLAY or Orchestral Tools SINE player. It doesn't happen every time I load that project, but maybe 30% of the time I have to force quit VEP and reload, and then it will work the 2nd or 3rd time. 

    Is this something you at VSL would look into, or is it something I have to take up with the developers of those plugins?

    I am on Mac by the way.

  • Well, as to SINE it can't be a universal issue, I have several instances of it in every project for a while and it looks as snappily as anything does here. They're not gigantic instances of 100 articulations or anything. but in itself it loads fast, off of an external SSD.

  • Hi, 

    VE Pro is "only" the host and doesn't have any influence on the loading/unloading process of hosted plug-ins. Best to talk to the sample player developers directly. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks civ3 and Paul. It hasnt happened lately with the same project, since I swapped some instances around and such. Seems really random. Will take it up with Orchestral Tools and East West if it comes back and gets too annoying again.