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  • Does the Super Package fit on a "1tb"-drive?

    Hey everybody,

    i just upgraded to the VI Super Package (full) and I am as happy as I could be. I got a 1TB drive for my samples, which I would like to use for that madness. But VSL says it takes 1TB. So my question:

    Is there enough space on that drive? It might sound a little stupid, but 1TB bought isn't 1TB in reality. ;-) So, has anyone tried to put the whole package on a 1TB drive? Do the Samples need some additional space for preloading etc?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Chris, 

    Congratulations to the Super Package!

    I believe you should be fine. I hope you are installing this on a SSD drive. VI Pro will help you to keep the RAM load as low as possible in combination with the fast access times of an SSD, so make sure you also have a fast connection there (minimum: USB3).

    If for any reason you need to store a small part of the Super Package on an additiona drive, make sure it's also a quick drive, to get the best performance. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi

    I have the VI Super Package installed on a Samsung T7 (2 TB) and it takes 1,16 TB of storage. Hope it helps.

    Best, David

  • Thanks to you 2! This really helped. :-) I got the Symphonic Cube on an internal M.2 drive already. So I just bought a 2TB drive and will transfer the libraries on it.

    Thank you big time! :-)