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  • Harp I - how to change from norm, to mute, to fla, to bisb

    I have Harp I, Preset Level 1 running. I can see the key switches to change to glissandi.  I just cannot see or find any key switching to change from norm, to mute, to fla, to bisb. Are they missing?  I can manually do it but I would like to program the changes during my piece. It's probably my oversight - but I cannot figure this out. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Apparently the Matrix Level 1 combined articulations is set to CC1, for some reason.

    no problem: 


  • bottom of the image; and those will begin at left with C0 aka C1, MIDI note 24

  • (C0 is what Yamaha calls MIDI Note 24, Roland calls it C1 since the outset of MIDI; VSL uses the latter by default)