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  • Note duration Synchron Steinway Concert D-274

    I'm new here. I've just purchased the Concert D-274. I find it wonderful in every respect, I really love playing it! But I have a problem with settings. Probably it should first be given that I don't use it for any kind of record. I only attach my Novus NV10 to the PC, open Synchron Pianos and enjoy its sound. But, when I play, the note duration is too short. I mean, if I keep pressed a key and then I play a few other keys the sound of the "pressed" key disappears too fast. Is there any setting to avoid this? I tryied to change some settings like Max Voices / Mic - Max Voices / Key - Note Volume and others with the same result.
    Can you help me?

    Best regards.

  • I too have noticed this. It was probably a compromise in order to allow for the different room mic variations. Personally, I'd take the Steinway D-274 dry-sampled in mono with an SM57 if I could get the full-length samples of the D-274. But that's up there with the "...why not 48KHz?" question.

  • Hi, 

    You can increase the "Max Voices / Mic" and "Mac Voices/Key" in the EDIT page... we have to find a balance between the number of used microphones and the performance of an average good computer. 

    Hope that helps!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL