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  • Newbie question: Using solo violin from Elite Strings

    I’m using the Solo Mic 1 in Elite Strings (the first chair mic’d separately) as a solo violin for a mockup and just wanted to check how best to configure the settings to do so (I have the Standard library).  The small amount of bleeding from the orchestra is not a problem; the solo violin in this piece is rarely exposed and is also combined with a background using Synchron Strings Pro.

     What I’ve done is go to the Mix tab in Elite Strings and (1) turn on the Solo 1 Mic and change the Volume slider setting from minus infinity to zero, and (2) turn off the Room-Mix mic which is the default preset (for good measure I also moved its volume fader from zero to minus infinity although I don’t know if this is necessary).

     Anything I should do in addition or differently?

  • I don't have SES, but I would also choose the closest setting among the presets. This should contain additional programming (EQ, artificial reverb, panning) more accurately crafted for a detailed solo sound.


  • Thanks Paolo!  Btw I’ve also followed the idea you mentioned in the VI-C forum of using molto vibrato as the default articulation for legato, which IMO works well to add a bit more expressiveness compared to the regular vibrato. 

    Any thoughts from Paul or other VSL staff on the appropriate settings for using the solo violin from SES?

  • In case somebody later has the same question about the solo violin, below is the answer I got separately from the ever-helpful Andi:

    VSL has prepared mixer-presets that focus on the solo players which can be found under "04 Divisi Presets” in the MixerPreset tab.  

    The preset for 1st Violins Player 1 (which is available even with the Standard Library) has 3 mics: Solo 1, Mid and Room-Mix.

    VSL’s mixer-preset’s fader levels are 0 for the Solo 1 mic and -10 for the other two. He suggested that if their preset includes too much bleeding from the section, you can turn down or turn off the "Room-Mix" and "Mid" faders.