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  • VEP7 + Big Sur + Kontakt GUIs (RESOLVED)

    The original post is below. The GUI issue had to do with a plugin being loaded in VEP without an active connection to the instance from the DAW, the GUIs of various plugins either (1) do not work or (2) do not load correctly.  Just make sure you have an active connection to the instance to be able to interact with the plugin.

    Original post:  A number of Kontakt 6 instrument GUIs do not seem to function correctly or look right inside of VEPro7.  Is this a Big Sur issue, or is it a known VEP issue?  It seems to affect various vendors differently. Haven't tested if they function correctly with CC commands and such yet, but the GUIs seem all over the place. Some are missing images, some not allowing the user to interact with them, etc.

  • this is true per se, on either platform, any version