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  • Portamento issue with Dorico expression maps

    In Dorico there are two ways to specify portamento but I notice that the expression map doesn't play them the same way. 

    The first way is it select "portamento" from the playing techniques after which it will add the text "portamento" above the note (as shown in the first measure of my example). 
    This option works fine for the expression map and it sounds like it should. 

    The other option is to select glissando from the ornaments section and in the attributes, select the "glissando text" and select "port.". This is what you get in the second measure of my example. 
    In this way, the expression map plays a legato and seems to be playing a chromatic glissando instead of portamento. 

    From notation perspective, most musicians seem to prefer the second way of specifying portamento so it's a bit annoying that the sound doesn't reflect this. 

    Is there a way so I can adjust the map so it works with this type of portamento notation? 



  • This is a Dorico question. You might get more response in the Notation Programs section of the VSL forums, or better yet, post this in the Dorico forum or on the Dorico Facebook page.

    There are plenty of Dorico and VSL Synchron users there who will be happy to chime in and help.

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  • Insert both ways. Hide the "portamento" textual technique. Turn off playback for the line+word technique (all can be done in the Properties pane).