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  • Is VelXF linked to CC7 in the same way CC11 is?

    A question:

    I know that CC11 scales depending on where you set CC7 (i.e. the granularity/fine control of CC11 increases as CC7 is set lower and lower).  But does the same thing happen with VelXF?  Another way to phrase the question: if I set CC7 at a lower value, does VelXF (and whatever control I set it to) then have a finer amount of control from its values of 0 to 127, or does it have the *same* range, just at a lower volume overall?

  • CC7 is linked to Master Volume in both the Synchron Player and the VI Player. CC11 is only linked to the Expression level. Typical setups mean that CC28 turns the VelXF on and off, while CC2 controls the VelXF slider. All of these can be changed at your will.