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  • Quarter notes much quieter than 1/8th notes in Dorico

    I'm using Dorico 3.5 with the playback template from VSL or the Elite Strings. 

    I'm creating a very simple score to test it out. The first measure only has 1/8th notes and the second has only 1/4th notes but when I play it, the 1/8th notes are good but the quarter notes are so much more quieter. 

    It seems that he's using the short detache samples for the 1/8th notes and the long, reg vibrato with normal release and attack but somehow they sound much softer... 

    I'm attaching a screenshot from the Play window to show the default techniques and velocities to show that's not an issue. 


  • I did another test in Dorico and attached is the mp3 and image of the score. 

    I also did a test in Cubase where I first added the Synchron player with the detache samples, duplicated the track and selected the long with reg vibrato, reg attack and release and balanced them through the mixer so they sound the same. 
    Note that in synchron, velocity, master and so were identical as well as the velocity of the notes in the midi editor.