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  • Control Dynamics in BBO Free


    is there a way to control the dynamics in BBO Free, f.e. with CC1? I can change the dynamics with the velocity but I want to "swell" while holding a note. Expression seems not to be the thing I need. 


    Thank you very much!

  • Hi,


    Yes - You should have two Instruments under "Big Bang Orchestra - Free Basics", one of those says "VelXF". This patch has Velocity Crossfade on CC1 activated. Keep in mind that the Shorts then also are controlled via CC1, which you can of course edit so that they are controlled via velocity.
    The Other one has it disabled on CC2 - but you can activate it with the little "Power Symbol" on the left of the fader. You can also change the CC when you hover over it and click it. Velocity Crossfade is also automatable via CC28.

    The Synchron Player has many customization options and is very deep - I recommend reading the Synchron Player Manual ( to seewhat is possible and where to change it :-)


  • Hey Mat,


    thank you very much for your help, I dont see two instruments there, but I got it to work with CC1 by chosing it instead of CC2 on VelFX and activating the Power Symbol (I guess I overlooked that...).  I will read the Manual now...


    Thanks again!