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  • VI Pro won't load instruments

    I have VE/VI pro working just fine on Pro Tools 10 on one Mac OS 10.9 system, and am trying to get it working on a second Mac OS 10.11 rig with Digital Performer 8 and am having no luck loading instruments from the large Special Edition set I own. The instruments from the 'Epic Orchestra' set load up and play just fine, but the SE ones only show the 'save' button when selected, not the 'load' button, and I can't seem to get around it. After trashing the old instrument library files, I re-downloaded and reinstalled one of the SE sets using your Download Manager app to see if that fixed the issue, and it didn't. I ran the e-licenser app and it said it had fixed everything ok. Of course the Vienna Key was in place and VEP loaded and ran fine, as well as VIP, aside from specifically not loading up the SE instruments. Any idea how I might solve this?

    My VEP version is:5.4.14074

    My VIP version is: 2.4.16779

    Again, these same versions and same Vienna Key are working fine on another system alongside Pro Tools 10.

    Thank you

  • the point that sticks out for me is it working on OSX.9 but not on .11, on top of some older VSL versions.

  • In your position I would download a trial of current VEP or if possible VEP6 to see if it's simply VEP5 isn't cutting it with the OS version. Then, if not, a trial of a more current Vienna Instruments.