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  • Vienna Synchron Drive Available?

    Hi to the forum,

    just wondering if VSL has a hard drive available for the latest Synchron libraries, and big bang ones similar to the Vienna Hard Drive for the VI series.





  • Hi Steve, 

    Yes, we do, and you can add it to your basket when you check out with a BBO product - it's the Starter Editions Harddrive. 

    I'd recommend to do get those drives (in case of a slow internet connection) once we have made the transition to iLok, which will require new sample content.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,


    ok, that looks a good idea. By the way, when the transition is made to i-lok, can we still use our Vienna Dongle that we presently use?





  • Well, VSL doesn't run Syncrosoft so they can't really know. Yahama/Steinberg owns it and I wouldn't assume they're going to indefinitely.maintain servers for it after abandoning it.

  • Steve, I don't know why Syncrosoft was mentioned as it was above; that was officially discontinued (i.e. shut down permanently) by Steinberg on July 25th 2011. It's therefore safe to say we can ignore the spurious and irrelevant reference to Syncrosoft in the context asserted above.

    Maybe this could serve as a rough indication or maybe not, but Steinberg continued supporting their old (Syncrosoft) License Control Centre for nearly 2 years after introducing their new eLLC as a replacement in Septenber 2009. 

    In any case I'll wait for a reply or guidance from VSL on this matter, since they're in a far better position than any of us to know about Steinberg's commitment to future support for our current eLLC dongle-based licenses. Like you and no doubt many others, I'm also keen to have some reliable indication of how long before I must switch over.