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  • VEP AU3 fails in DP after upgrades


    Recently I have updated in Catalina (10.15.7):

    VEPRO to 7.0.1056

    VIPRO2 to 2.5.18641

    DP to 10.13.86175

    In DP the VEP AU3 fails during inspection.

    Restarting DP,VEPRO/Computer does not help.

    I have never had this "error".

    What is going on?

    Can you help, please?


  • Why are you using AU3 in DP? I’m pretty sure DP doesn’t support AU3 plugins. Why not use the MAS one ?

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    Of course I am using MAS in DP 😊.

    I have just noticed after installing the VEPRO 7 update that DP has reported that it has failed during inspection.


  • just disable it in DP prefs.  I don't think DP is supposed to support AU3 yet and it might be just confused by seeing the AU3 version of Vepro and presuming its supposed to be AU2.  send an email to MOTU support asking for AU3 support, but anyway I think you always want to use MAS version in DP so it doesn't really matter