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  • Elite strings Bleeding Problem between long notes and Pizzicato


    Does anyone have this problem?


    When i have a long note and next note is a Pizzicato like in the pics.  I get a bleeding from the long note that is 

    very annoying in the first of the pizzicato.  Its Like the previous note is Still Active so it bleeds into the first pizzicato.

    I have Vel xfade active so i cannot understand whu this is happening.

    Anyone that can help with this?

    See Attached pics








  • With Soft Release, the tails will last longer by design.   If that is the desired effect, then you have to allow time for the tail to decay to sound natural.

    For quicker articulation changes use Normal Release.  Even with CC 23/Release at the default, a Normal Release long note (Senza, etc) will not decay into the next Pizzicato note at a medium tempo, 1-2 beat delay between notes.  If needed, then you can lower CC23/Release slightly if you need a quicker cutoff for the Long notes.