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  • Steinway D : an improvisation.


    Improvised this tuesday. I did some cuts (in the middle part essentially, too long and weak)

    Pure Steinway D. No FX. Synchron venue only.

    Four mics : Condenser, Ribon, Tube and High Surround.

    I’m not sure about the preset. It could probably sound better with mastering (I’m not an expert).



    Gabriel Plalame

  • Fantastic piece, Listening to the second time already.

    Frankly the piece is too advanced for me (i.e., i cannot track down the tonalities and harmonies easily) but the textures and range of expression keeps the piece entertaining for the nearly 8 mins.




    Hi, Anand.

    Thanks a lot.

    As I said I did some cuts but ask myself if it’s not too long yet.

    The last part is the best (5’30) but the beginning gives a contrast.

    Not satisfied about the sound, quite harsh at the end cause I had to compress : it’s SoundcLOUD !

    If you don’t, you disappear…



    Gabriel Plalame

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