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  • Synchron String and Smoother Legato Transitions + Cubase Pro

    I am trying to smooth out my legato transitions so my phrases in a specific passage flow better. It's an aesthetic I've been trying to affect for some time now and I haven't come across any specific conversation on this topic. 

    I am using Synchron String Pro + Elite - two fantastic libraries. The particular passage tempo is ~80bpm in 3/4 with eighth notes. I've used all combinations of the legato articulations from standard, expressive and agile. I've made sure my notes overlap to trigger the legato transitions. I've applied various velocity layers and am using expression as the primary volume control.

    No matter what I do, the note transitions are emphasized. In my understanding and performance experience, true legato is a fluid note transition where the sound becomes the next pitch without accent. At least, that is the aesthetic I am attempting to reach. I've been all around the forum, on VI Control and Beat's site (which is awesome) and I haven't found the trick. 

    Does anyone out there have any suggestions or has found a way to do this? I'd love to develop this skill. Thanks in advance!

    blessings, Sam

    Windows 10 / Cubase 11 Pro / VSL SSP + Elite on 1TB SSD / Ryzen 7 2700x / 32 GB Ram / Asus Prime x470

  • Hi Sam,

    sharing my approach on smoother attack legato line 

    my preference approach is to turn off Vel.XF ( where it show red instead of blue ) and only adjusting expression 

    my favourite patch is Regular vib -> slow Attack or Expressive 

    and the trick is to play it really really softly ( Feather like ) and plays it slightly offbeat and let it flow 

    hope it helps :D 

    Cheer mate 

    All the best 


  • Legato AGILE ->auto speed ->Soft Attack works for me too 



  • Thank you, Jack, I’ll try that out. Blessings.

  • Hi Sam,

    If you are using Synchron Strings Pro and the Elite Strings simultaneously, try increasing the humanize delay to create a smooth/slower legato. However, make sure that e.g. violins 1 from SYPro and violins 1 from SY Elite use different humanize curves. This way, the legato transition will not occur at the same time for both libraries, which leads to a smoother and slower legato transition.


  • You may be interested in a feature called Legato Blur, assignable to CC as per the extent of it

  • Erik,

    Thank you for the tip. I'm enjoying SY Elite tremendously in my orchestral settings. The library is very flexible.



  • Hi Sam,

    I'm happy to help. I also love this library. I've been using it all the time.

    I found out that If you want to smooth out the legato transition even more, try automating the attack (cc22).

    All the best,