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  • Big Bang more Expensive for Educational Persons

    Just to notice... The Big Bang may offer is more expensive if you have an educational Discount. I did send my request to MfG,


    Stefan Steinbauer
    Sales Manager

    Via Mail because the Website is very difficult to use. I do not speak much german and no English. The main Problem in Germany for this Education is you get for 1 month or two the Paper that you are in Education School learning English and have apply for a new one and get it 1 or 2 months later. So in Fact I did compare the prises and Big Bang is more expensive now with the offer. And special this is a lot of Money for the People that are not Rich and use it for their Hobby only. I wait more than one year that Instruments like Solo Fluite get a discount.

    Additional its not clear in front The Instruments Work with 3D Sound and Dolby Atmos I work strictly only with the Fairlight DaW inside of Davinci Resolve. Can someone please Give me the Education Account and tell me how i can buy a Big Bang Libary without discount. For shure the 30 days trials are not interesting because when i have time to test maybe in june they will not work