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  • How to merge Timpani I + II?


    How to merge Timpani I + II? If I load the "All m. (SP I+II)" preset, merged, coperto and gliss patches for medium mallets are missed - have I add a Timpani folder on the left side (as in SP I) and add a merged slot to it? Or the new patch scheme from the patch update there is more convenient and simple? Have I to add gliss and coperto patches manually? and, if yes, why they aren't present in the preset from the box?

  • Hello V_ad_im!

    The preset "00 Timpani - Adams - All m. (SP I-II)" includes the timpani articulations that have been recorded for Synchron Percussion I and II. Of course you are free to copy the coperto and glissando slots from the preset "01 Timpani - Adams - Medium mallets" over to the all mallets preset.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library