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  • Using a Domain Name instead of IP as SERVER in Vienna Ensemble Pro plugin


    Faced a problem after my VEP machine IP has changed. 

    When you're trying to recall an instance with embedded old IP, it doesn't connect, however, if you enter new IP in SERVER field, it reconnects just fine. The problem is that I, for example, rely on Track Presets in Pro Tools, I've tons of them, and now there's a big problem with all my templates. 

    If I knew this from the start, I'd use Domain Names instead of IPs. In MacOS you can link a domain name to an IP easily via editing /etc/hosts. But VEP doesn't allow using domain names, only IP addresses. 

    I think if Vienna developers could add an option to use Domain Name (resolving via system DNS) as SERVER would be a life saver for guys like me.