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  • VEP7 using 10G ethernet connected directly between 2 computers

    Greetings.  I am brainstorming this morning. (ahhh caffeine)

    I use LPX on a MacBook Pro triggering samples from a PC using VE.  It works, but can be wonky at times.  I'm going though multiple switches.  I know that can add to problems.

    I ordered an M1 Mac mini w/a 10G Ethernet port.  I already use a thunderbolt 3 dock with an ethernet port, so the Mini will have access to two ethernet ports.

    If I picked up a 10G network card for the PC (giving it two Ethernet ports) would I be able to do connect the 10G ports from PC to Mac together directly -- only for use with VE (no routers, no switches... a direct connection), while using the regular gigabit ports for my regular networking, internet etc etc?  

    In my mind, this should work really nicely. Question #1 - Would it?

    Question #2 What sort of network setup would one need to do for the direct connection on a separate network?  I'm guessing both 10G NIC cards would need to be in the same subnet? Static IP? Or, set up a DHCP server on the Mac?  I don't think I've connected two computers directly without a router/switch since the Laplink days hahah.

    Thanks in advance for any insights you may have.

  • After more forum diving here, it seems that 10G is a negligible improvement as it applies to VEP.  I'm still going to get a 10G card for the PC... I'm guessing a direct connection (of any type) is going to be better than what I have now... as there are multiple switches between my two computers (I have a in my studio)

    Once I've installed the card I just have to figure how to have VEP use the 10G NIC connection exclusively, as the computers will still "see" each other via my regular network.  I wonder if the master computer will "see" two different connections to the PC.  Only one way to find out... :)  Maybe I have a messed up idea of "fun" but I'm kinda looking forward to setting it up and seeing if I can get it to work.

  • please keep us posted.

  • It's taken a minute, but I've made great progress.  

    I picked up a 10GB card for the PC/Slave.  I didn't have a spare slot for it;.. it wasn't a 1X PCIe, which is all I had available.  I could have reworked things, but that would have cost a lot of $$, and at $200 for the 10G card, I was already operating at a loss.  (I'm sure I'll be able to use it one day)

    I picked up a $15 1G NIC for the PC/Slave.  I installed it and set up an ad hoc network between the PC/Slave and the Mac/Master.  Both computers have two NIC connections, and I assigned them on an unused subnet and used. no gateway.

    It took a few tries, but eventually I got a connection on VE.  It's pretty rock solid.  Initial tests have negligible latency and good sound with a buffer size of 128 and it's not even in Logic's "Low Latency Mode" 

    I'm sure it'll change once I slap a zillion instruments on there, but this is already so much better than it was before.  

  • Hello Blatboy,

    Please share your network settings for your ethernet card such as negotiation speed, duplex, and MTU settings. Thanks in advance.