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  • New iMac's - amazing prices

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    So my PC is on its last legs, and I have decided to replace with a good spec'd iMac, 27 inch.

    I was about to pull the trigger on Apple's site, but came across this Official Apple reseller on ebay.

    (The full range of iMacs is 'hidden' under the 'More' menu item.  They seem to offer every possible combination.

    They have been on ebay since 2001. They have a 100% positive feedback for last 12months, 2.3k plus lifetime reviews.  Reviews are all very good and gushing.

    For a 2020 27 inch iMac, with 10 core, 10th gen i9 .. 128G RAM (128 !!!) ... 1TB SSD ... and 5700 XT video card, I managed to order for £3850, inlcuding VAT and delivery.   Listed at £4,099 ... but they accept offers. Brand new, manufactured to order (3 week delivery timescale)

    The exact same iMac on Apple store is £5,999  I seem to have saved £2,150 on a brand new top of the range iMac.  😐


    Anyway, based on all of the positive reviews I have ordered.  But would obviously be interested to hear if anyone else has had experience of them, good or bad.  I am puzzled by their business-model. My best guess is, they buy in bulk (discount), base models ... and then upgrade memory and storage themselves (& hence not chargin the apple tax).

  • I have only the one anecdote, but I did purchase and use a refurbished MacPro a while back, it was not distinguishable from a new computer AFAIC.

  • I don't know them, but I purchased an 8-Core iMac recently.

    Did you compare both with the exact setup (ebay vs Apple)?

    Apple's RAM option is ridiculous, so this is probably the main price difference here. Storage is unfortunately not upgradable. Always go with the basic 8 GB and upgrade on your own! I upgraded to 64 RAM and saved a lot.

    64 RAM Apple: 1150 €
    64 RAM eBay: 300 €