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  • VEP Pro 7 licence confusion


    Question: Does one VEP Pro Licence allow VEP Server to be run on main DAW computer and a Slave computer simultaneously? DO I need to purchase a second licence for my DAW?

    I have just purchased VEP Pro 7, so new to this subject.

    I have my main DAW computer and 1 slave computer. The Slave has my original USB dongle installed and VEP pro7 works fine. However I wish to run a server instance on my main DAW computer as well. I have purchased a second USB dongle to facilitate this.

    If it is possible to use two instances on same network, do I just copy the licence to my new USB dongle?

    Many thanks 

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    Hi Mark,

    Each machine that runs VEP instances needs a valid license. If you run instances only on a separat system you won't need an additional license, but if you want to use VEP instances on both machines you have to order an additional license.

    Addiitional liceneses are currently on sale as well (€ 65, regular € 95). You can order these directly on the product page.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist