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  • Upgrade to Synchron Percisson from VI Percussion

    Hi Paul Is there an upgrade path from VI Percussion complete to Synchron Percussion 1 & 2 ? I don’t see any discounts when I login to my MyVsl Please let me know. Thank you Ram

  • Hi

    I'm not Paul, but I can try to answer your question. There is no upgrade path between these libraries. Those are two different products. One was recorded at the Silent Stage and the other was recorded at the Synchron Stage. Most of the time, there are upgrade paths for libraries which have some samples in common, like Synchron Strings 1 and Synchron Strings Pro. But it's not the case here. Hope it helps.

    Best, David

  • Thank you David That makes sense. Probably Synchron Percussion will go on sale soon. Than I will bag it. Or you may decide to give a discount for those who own the VI Percussion complete Regards Ram