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  • Multiple License Limitations

    Hi - I have licenses for VEP 6, and several Syncron and Vienna VI libraries. Wondering what the limits are of installing copies of my libraries on two SSD drives, and running VEP on two computers - so I could theoretically load 2 different templates and step between projects without long load times.  Is this possible with the 3 licenses we get with VEP?  Or can anyone think of a better way to do this? If it's buying additional licenses I'm open to this as well but not sure how that works.



  • Hi John!

    If I got this right, you would like to run the libraries on a different system at the same time.
    For this you would need additional licenses of these libraries. You can get in touch with to get a quote on additional licenses.

    But before you get additional licenes, why not run the instances on the same machine as well? As long as you have enough RAM you can simply have all the instances from both projects loaded at the same time.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Hi Ben, Thanks - that makes sense - it's funny working by yourself on two different projects feels like you aren't running it independently twice but of course you are... I will think about that - I have a 4 instance template with 16 VIs in each of them on a 2.7GHZ 12 core Mac Pro with 64 GB RAM.  (Hosting VEP on same machine as Pro Tools currently because it works). Will it handle another 2-3 instances with a bunch of instruments loaded?

    Also may come to running it fully redundantly on 2 setups - besides my workflow idea, in the event I need an assistant at some point I might want to duplicate the setup completely. In -this- scenario is there a deal on additional licenses or would I basically be repurchasing everything?



  • Hi John, 

    Like Ben said, it will be best to get in touch with our sales team directly: My colleagues will make you an offer for additional studio licenses. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL