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  • VST GUI Menus Keep Freezing in VEPro Server

    Hello, I am in need of help!

    While in my template, using a VST, VEPro keeps freezing when I am clicking on particular buttons which open up another window or list for a menu and/or options. All software is up to date. When clicking on one of these buttons, it seems the window or list just cannot be seen so I don't think it is actually freezing or producing a crash dump but I cannot utilize the options that the button provides.

    Any advice would be appreciated as these menus/options are needed while creating. The VST I experience this with is only in EW PLAY and Keyscape.

    Screenshots attached to get a better idea.

    For example in EW Play

    The button in red...

    should populate this window

    But it doesn't in while in VEPro.

    Also with little lists that should pop up when clicking on buttons with lists:

    The list doesn't pop up at all in VEPro

    Thoughts anyone?

  • Welcome BoWee, 

    Thanks for posting!

    Which OS are you working on, and which exact versions of the involved plug-ins are you using?

    Both EastWest and Spectrasonics have VE Pro available for testing, so I'd suggest to contact them with your finding and the additional information as well - I believe this has to be fixed on the plug-in side, not in the host. 

    We'll be happy to assist if any questions pop up, best directly via!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL