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  • Bad performance with VE Pro in Reaper

    Hey everyone,

    I started building my template in Reaper with the latest VE Pro version.

    I use the Feedback Routing method to keep the track count down to a minimum. A colleague of mine is using the same method and based on my forum research it seems to be a known method to work with VE Pro using Reaper.

    However I keep on getting a really bad Realtime CPU Performance when using VE Pro like that.

    It basically means I get crackles and noises way before the meter even hits 100%. A relatively low amount of voices already cause huge spikes. I am on 30% usage when not playing anything.

    My VE Pro template consists of 5 instances. Buffer inside Reaper is set to 1.

    I run the VE Pro app from the same PC as Reaper.

    My specs:

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900X CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3501 MHz, 10 cores overclocked to 4,2 GHZ

    64 Gig of RAM

    RME AIO card Asio buffer set to 256

    Changing the Asio buffer gives me a minimal improvement. Changing the VE Pro Buffers in the plugins doesn't have any effect.

    To make sure there is nothing wrong with my setup I loaded 513 instances of Kontakt with some heavily scripted patches into an empty Reaper project. This is way more instances of Kontakt and patches loaded than my usual template consists of.

    Please find attached two screenshots of my performance meter in Reaper one showing my VE Pro template and one showing the performance with the 513 Kontakt instances loaded inside of Reaper.

    I heard that activating the Feedback Routing in Reaper increases the RT CPU usage quite a bit, but a colleague of mine has a very similar system and he has 20% less RT CPU usage in idle running an even bigger template than I do, so I suspect there is something wrong on my end.

    Disabling the instances in VE Pro also only brought 5% more RT CPU power.

    I also noticed that when I play 5 tracks at the same time all from the same instance I get audio dropouts. However if I select 1 random track per instance there are no spikes at all. Regardless of the patch I play.

    Hope someone can help me to improve my performance.

    Best regards,





  • Similar problem in Cubase. My issue resolved with 4096 samples but at the cost of high latency. What's odd is I get the pops and crackles but neither computer shows cpu% above 20%. Weird.