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  • Carovillano

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    Here is an amazing piece done by the Acclarion duo with David Carovillano who posts a lot of really fine things here - I was greatly impressed by the variety of music in this, and it uses some expertly performed and combined VSL instruments blended beautifully with the live accordion and clarinet which are so well performed.

    Circus of the Mind

  • Really impressive music! And excellent players, too!


  • Thank you, William, for sharing this. We were very proud of this project, although I'm aware of how hard it might be for forum visitors to digest such work :) Thanks, Paolo, for your willingness to partake in our absurdity! Cheers, Dave

  • Not absurdity, but a great project and so imaginative and wide-ranging. 

    I have to note that not only are the clarinet and accordion so well played, but the VSL instruments beautifully incorporated and expertly programmed.   

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