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  • Im clueless

    I have no experience with synchron pianos. So I bought the 280vc and got my elicenser key and all that. I have a Mac but with not enough disk space I got an external hard drive with 1TB. I have done my best to install everything. Evidently, I've done something wrong. I can get the Synchron Pianos program to come up on my computer but when I connect my computer to my digital piano (Casio Privia 870) nothing happens. There is no piano listed in the program. The audio only says my Mac Book internal speakers. There are no clear videos how to do all of this for total newbies like me. So I'm clueless. I tried to contact the company and saw live chat and thought "oh good" only to find its not a real person, just a bot. If anyone can help, Id appreciate it. 


  • I'm having the exact same issues.  The library was sent to me on a hard drive  I figured that this would be more secure and hassle free a way to install the library, but not happening.  Installing from a hard drive with all the software and libraries on it from the Vienna Symphonic did not work at all.  And, no instructions on the hard drive.  $850.00 US dollars of useless software and hard drives.  I'm hoping this does not turn out to be a monster mistake.  They sorely need live technicians on the phone to help people with installation problems.  I am not at all new to installing software on a computer, but this is a doozie so far in terms of difficulty.