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  • Matching Dimension Strings to Elite Strings


    I wonder if Synchronized Dimension Strings (SDS) can become auxiliaries to the new Synchron Elite Strings (SES). Where these latter can work as the ensemble, the others can be the finer divisi, or the soloists adding dimension to the ensemble.

    The two ensembles seem to sound somewhat similar. If you only leave six violins turned on in SDS, you get the same thickness as in SES Vni I – as I hear them in the demos.

    Attacks are probably different, but can be made very similar. For example, SDS Vibrato attacks are faster and harsher than the one of Synchron Strings Pro (SSP). Using the Marcato version of these latter, with the MIDI Attack slowed down a bit, results in a very similar behavior. At the same time, a slowed down SDS Vibrato attack becomes very similar to the normal attack of SSP, and when slowed down even more it matches the Soft attack of SSP.

    Compared to what I hear in the demos, the room sound of SES seems to be very different than the presets in SDS. SDS seem to be constantly mixed to be drier, closer and harsher. SES sounds lusher. Maybe that, now that SES are out, we can get a set of new mixer presets for SDS, more closely matching SES?