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  • Major issues with playback when using VE SY SE 1 in Sibelius

    After finally finishing the set up process for VE in Sib, I was disappointing to see that the playback of my orchestral score was full of weird problems. While I'm fairly happy with the actual sound of the strings (orchestral violins, violas etc) there are some issues which will turn out to be dealbreakers if they can't be fixed...

    1) After about 30 secs of playback, the strings start to occassionally play in a way that sounds really synthetic/artificial, almost like they're trying to imitate a laser... this is an absolute no-go.

    2) Adding a slur (or staccato) to a string passage makes that passage significantly louder than other non-legato passages, which is highly undesirable. How do I fix this? And is there a way to control how an articulation is performed whether in the synchron player or within Sibelius itself? 

    Just in case it's helpful, my playback configuration uses Vienna Ensemble and the VE SY SE sound set, as well as Noteperformer (active device and sound set). I use Noteperformer for the wind instruments because unfortunately the ones included in my VSL package sound really poor in comparison. I know that Noteperformer is not the issue since I had the same problem when using exclusively VSL stuff in my playback configuration. 

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Hello and welcome to our forum!

    Please note that scores cannot sound great automatically and out of the blue, just because you use a great sample library. It will always be necessary to finetune your project to get great sounding results. The following things come to my mind: Articulations, dynamics, note start positions, note durations, mix.

    You can find help on how to get the best out of your Sibelius scores with our libraries here:

    I agree that if strings sound like a laser that's a no-go. There are no laser-samples or synthetic sounds included in the SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition. If playback problems come up, the Troubleshooting chapter of our Sibelius integration tutorial might be of help.

    If you feel that an articulation is too loud or too soft in comparison to other articulations, you can alter the level of this articulation on the EDIT page of Synchron Player.

    How to trigger different articulations is explained here:

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hello,

    Why don't you, for example, let it play at a slower tempo, and observe closely whether the PERFORM tab, keys, and articulations in the Synchron Player are not contrary to your expectations?

    eku542 (Windows10, Cubase, Dorico)
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