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  • Scale transposition in the Vienna Instruments Pro sequencer


    I have beginners question.

    How shall I understand statement from the documentation of the Sequencer in the Vienna Instruments Pro.

    "* Sequencer will intelligently transpose the written notes to the chosen key/scale."

    For example, if I have a chord C7 programmed in C4, and I am transposing it to Fmin scale.
    What will be played? Will it be Fm7?

    If I have the following sequence in C4: Cmaj, Csus2, Cmin7, Csus4 (additionally with note B).
    What will be the result in Fmin scale?

    Thanks in advance for help and regards,

  • Hello Seweryn, 

    I'd just give it a try. Your melody or chords that were written in a certain key will be adapted to the new key accordingly. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    I had tried, as of my unprofessional hearing receptors it works, but ... I have no clue if I hear it well or not.
    Furthermore, I prefer not only to rely on my feelings, but also on some understanding what is happening in the background :-).


  • Hi Seweryn, 

    You can always check with the same melody on another MIDI track. 

    The APP Sequencer is a mighty tool, but it's really hard to describe with words. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL