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  • How Do I Use Vienna Vouchers at Third Party Vendor's Web Site?


    Purchased some Vienna Vouchers during the "4 for 3" sale during the 2020 holidays.  Looking to take advantage of the current Synchron-ized sale prices.  Can I use my vouchers at a third party vendor's website (e.g. Audio Deluxe, or BestService)?  How do I do this?  Do I have to contact the vendor directly?  Or are the vouchers only usable at the VSL WebStore?


    Danny V.

  • Hello Danny, Thanks for your interest in our products! You could redeem vouchers just in the same webshop you‘ve purchased them. I hope that helps! Best, Michael

  • The vouchers were bought from AudioDeluxe in the USA.  I reached out to them via email today but have not heard back from them.  I don't want to miss the sale on the Synchron-ized libraries.

    When I price the Synchron-ized Vol 2 and Vol2+ libraries on the BestService website, they add an additional discount after checking with you (VSL) to see what other products I own.  But when I try to buy the same products on the VSL website I do not get that extra discount.  Am I supposed to get an extra discount for already owning other VSL products?

    I would really like to use my vouchers right now during the current Synchron-ized libraries sale.

  • Hello Danny, Could you please reach out to I could then forward your order to our authorized dealer partner in solve the problem. Thanks in advance! Best, Michael