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  • MIRacle standalone licence


    I've recently been trying to dig deeper into the wolrd of reverb, acoustic space, and to get better sounding samples. MIRpro is a wonder (VI with MIRx presets still sounds great after a decade...) and I have managed to make third-party libraries sound great (quite a bit of fiddling needed but well worth the effort - I have latencies issues but it's for another post). 

    It so happens that I have somehow managed to mimic the combination MIRpro + MIRacle with a third-party library (MSB brass not to name it). MIRpro does not really work in this case (the dry samples are possibly too wet and my audio engineering skills are certainly too limited to make it work). But by reducing the amount of reverb in the MSB "engine", and applying a MIRacle reverb, I get very convincing results indeed (very good sense of space and quality VSL reverb).

    I would like to run this on a separate second slave, on which I will not be using MIRpro (it's running full blast on my main slave). Would it be possible to purchase MIRacle as a standalone plugin separately?

    Many thanks for your help!


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    Hi Thomas,

    thanks for your friendly words - good to hear that you're enjoying MIR Pro!

    I absolutely understand what you're aiming for, but I'm sorry to say that the license for MIRacle is an integral part of MIR Pro's license. We aren't able to split them into individual ones. After all, it was always planned as add-on for MIR, not as a stand-alone product.

    Using the algorithmic part of Vienna Suite Pro's "Hybrid Reverb Pro" would be the solution, but again it is part of a whole bundle and not available separately.

    It seems as you will either have to rethink your routing, or you'll have to resort to a 3rd-party product (unless you're already owning a license of VS Pro ... )

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Dear Dietz,

    Many thanks for your swift reply. I actually own Vienna Suite Pro (1 of the 3 licences is sitting there, waiting to be used by my planned 2nd slave). On a side note, all plugins are great and a good chunk of them are at the core of all my productions. I feel that it's possibly missing a dynamic EQ tool (the multiband compressor does the job but it's not ideal I find...). Still, a super solid product!

    Now I feel a bit silly; but I assumed there was no easy way to reproduce a MIRacle preset (I use mostly the 2.0s Modern Hall Hybrid, sometimes a little "Delicate Shimmer" or "2.3s Teldex hybrid") with the Hybrid Reverb plugin as the adjustable settings are not the same... Or is there something I missed? MIRacle offers to customise the tail density, modulation and crossfeed, which I cannot find in the Hybrid Reverb plugin.

    Again, many thanks for your help!