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  • VEP7 on Win7 32 bit

    I'm a new owner of VEP7 :)
    Because of old Hardware that runs only on PC Win 7 32bit with an old DAW i've tried to install VEP7 on this ServerMachine.  But it seams not possible. "internal error: Cannot expand "pf64" constant on this version of Windows"

    Would use a Win7/64bit PC as Slave. (Tested the Demo Version with two Win7/64bit PC's and my old DAW and it worked)

    Is there any way to install VEP7 on a Win7/32bit PC (only for the use of the Server VST within the old DAW)
    Thank you and best regards, Tom


  • Hi Tom,

    VEP 7 does not run on a 32-bit Windows. Make sure to use a 64-bit CPU and OS. On Windows you can still use the 32-bit variant to load 32-bit plugins, but it needs a 64-bit OS to run.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Hi Ben

    Thanks for your answer. Maybe i use VEP5. I even purchased a licence transfer from this old version with the other. Ive tried it successfully with the 32 bit System ;) But someday, undoubtfully, i have to change my hardware :D

    Best regards, Tom