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  • VEP and Pro Tools latency

    Anyone here use Vienna Ensemble Pro in Pro Tools 2020.12?

    VEP introduces 2048 samples of latency to any buss the track it’s on feeds, (even audio from other tracks with no plugs going to the same aux get delayed). Tried adjusting buffer settings in VEP and PT, no change. Delay comp adjusts for it, but it’s unsettling when working with stems that combine audio and midi against other audio only stems, and to track new stuff, audio or MIDI, I have to turn delay comp off or new tracks play out of sync on playback. Usually ends up lining up ok, but when working quickly it's easy to miss one audio track printing 46ms ahead of the rest. Freezing tracks, MIDIoffsets a/or strictly separating midi to its own buss in mixes are the only things I think of. But if anybody has another suggestion I'd be most appreciative.

    I'm on a 12core 2.7 Ghz Mac pro, 64GB Ram/OS 10.13.6,  PT 2020.12. Was using a slave, but my template works otherwise fine on one machine, so I run everything on the same computer now. This problem existed when I was still using the slave though.

  • Hi jdk90026,

    I am not sure I understand your Buss/Aux routing - would you please send a simple(!) example PT project to so I can better look into this?

    Best, Marnix