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  • A very beautiful piece!


  • Dave, that sounds great and a very complex, constantly changing piece.  The performance is excellent also.  I haven't been listening to many things here and need to - it's great to hear these.  

  • Thanks to both of you, PaoloT and William!  There are a lot of talented composers on this forum, and not enough hours in the day to listen to it all.

  • Wonderful job, Dave. It's a real poem in a rich musical language. Brilliant and varied orchestration with so many colors and emotions.

    Glad you shared it!


  • I've always enjoyed this piece, Dave, and am pleased to hear that you have adjusted it to make it more attractive to concert musicians. As always, I wish you much success in getting live performances of your wonderful music; it deserves to be heard and enjoyed. On a strictly technical note, I'm wondering if you have updated your website to include this new rendering of the piece. I am comparing the YouTube of the new Synchron version to the recording on to see if I can hear a difference. So far, I can't spot any with my barely functional audition. Are they different?

  • Thank you, Jos, and Tom for taking the time to listen.  I'm glad you both enjoyed the piece!

    Tom, you're too kind, and I appreciate your well wishes for a live performance.  The score is ready to submit, and the pesky D Flat Major section with many double flats, has been "fixed."  Your sleuthing skills are on display, as you could have caught me red-handed, had I not anticipated the massive surge in traffic to my website, and...wait a minute!  You visited the website?  I guess there was a massive surge in traffic :)

    In any event, I did swap out the new version on my website, so you'll be very hard pressed to hear the difference between the old and the new!  The old version, as I mentioned above, had a D Flat Major section, which through a little chromaticism, was able to transpose in the lead in to the section and lead out of the section.  I didn't simply want to transpose the whole piece, as it would have adversely affected the other sections that needed to be in the original key.  The small transposed section actually works quite well in the new key, both for ease of playing and for the timbral aspects.  I also made a few other minor orchestration adjustments to create greater clarity, and reduced the instrumentation to match the realties of what will be available to the orchestra.

    Probably more info than you cared for, but hopefully you can set your mind at ease now that you know the version on the site is the same as on youtube!



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