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  • Dimension Strings Global Velocity Crossfade

    How can I turn off the global velocity crossfade setting for all 8 players without having to select each one individually in the edit page.  In general I want CC dynamic crossfading turned on for all articulations but the short ones.  In Dimension Strings, it takes a LONG time to visit each of the eight players to turn off global velocity crossfade settings for each short articulation.  This has to be done PER player PER short articulation PER con sordino, sensza sordino, all players, group 1, group 2, desk 1, desk 2, desk 3, desk 4, and player 1.  Should I at least be able to do something like select All players, then Sensza Sordino, then short notes, then Staccato and will that is highlight turn off global velocity crossfade for all players in that layer!  That would be such a time saver!

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    Hi Michael,

    We have done that for you already, with the XF_sus presets!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL