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  • [SOLVED] VEP 7 cannot find any Native Instruments plugin


    VEP7 doesn't show any of the Native Instrument's plugins on my new slave PC (MSI Bravo 15, AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, 8 cores, 64 GB RAM). I'm using the Vienna Ensemble Pro Server 64-bit. I tried to uninstall and re-install Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol but nothing changed. I made the Reset and Rescan ALL and the Scan for Changes but nothing. It couldn't find BBCSO and Engine as well but uninstalling and reinstalling it worked with them. 

    Vienna Ensemble Pro Server version is 7.0.1056

    Am I missing something? Any idea? 

    Thank you

  • You need to let VEP know where your plugins are. Under Preferences / Plugins click the VST Settings button at the bottom of the screen

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  • Thank you

     It worked :)