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  • Symphonic Orchestral Piece with VSL special 1 + winds, unpitched percussion, and harp


    This is a simulation I made of one of my orchestral pieces. I used woodwinds, harp, and unpitched percussion from VSL special 1 + synchronized, Strings are CSS. layered with VSLS1+ solo strings (almost always), Brass is sample modelling, and pitched percussion is Kontakt factory library.

    Would be grateful for feedback on my used of the VSL instruments.

    Thank you!

  • Quite interesting work.
    It sounds very natural to me, maybe a bit overall wet (afar).
    SEs are a powerful tool.

    VI Special Edition 1-3, Reaper, MuseScore 3, Notion 3 (collecting dust), vst flotsam and jetsam
  • Thank you.

    Yes, I agree, it is a bit too wet.

  • I liked it; which surprised me because the modernist idiom so often just leaves me unmoved and indifferent. Your setting spoke to me clearly and strongly; probably because it's built realistically upon and around a vibrant emotional matrix - turbulent and troubled here, perhaps, but it conveyed itself to me as a very human reality, not as some vapid intellectual discourse.

    I was engaged, and I really appreciate that.

    Also, for me, the reverb just seems apposite for this piece somehow; I have no quibbles there.

    Well done!

  • Thank you, I am glad that you enjoyed it.

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