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  • VEPro 6 no longer showing up on server list

    Hey folks, hoping you can help me out with an issue here. 

    Two- computer setup; main is mac pro, networked machine is a pc. For whatever reason, instances open on the PC don't show up on the server list on my mac, when it had been working fine all along (and I made no changes)

    Elicenser is up to date on both machines, firewall is disabled for both machines, and I've followed the manual for the TCP/UDP rules setup on the pc side. The way it's been connected is by an ethernet cable directly from the pc to the mac pro. Timely assistance would be superhelpful!


    Other info:

    Mac: OS X 10.15.7

    PC: Windows 10 Pro

    Daw: Cubase/Logic

  • Hi ajsealmusic, 

    Sorry for the delay - Did you contact our support team already? is the address for all specific troubles. 

    Did you manage to make it work yet?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL