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  • Editing presets with a text editor


    I know it is possible to create new presets by selecting the root of a preset, editing it with a text editor, and pasting it into a new blank preset.

    Are there caveats, for this? Is replacing the abbreviation of an instrument (say, "VI-14") and replacing it with a target one (say, "VA-6") be a safe operation? Would I end up with a Violas presets mirroring the original Violins preset, or would it end into a mess?


  • By the way, just wondering: is VSL making all their presets manually? Or is there a tool automatically arranging the patches according to a schema?

    It would be really great is such a tool existed. Give it a template, and let it populate it with the corresponding patches from a particular instrument. Oh, the happiness!


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    Hi PaoloT,

    I recently used the text editor to customize presets. I did it with the help of the manual and this video.

    Custom Preset Creation | VSL - Software Manuals

    03 Vienna Synchron Player Preset Personalizzato EN SUB - YouTube

    My advice is to always check the right name of the target library (say, "VA-6") by opening the preset in a text editor in another window, also with some libraries (like dimension libraries), the process of customizing is more complicated. You need to replace 3 (or more) things. Abbreviation, ID and Folder name

  • Erisno, thank you very much! I remembered those instructions, but I was looking for them in some grey area on the web instead of the official manual!

    Another issue that I'm thinking of is the mixer presets. Are they compatible from a library to the other, or even between Synchron and Synchonized libraries? And what about Humanization curves?


  • Ok, I've replicated an instrument's structure into a new one. All the patches and humanization curves seem to have been translated well, if they exist in the target instrument.

    But where are the Mix presets? I can't find them in the script. Is the only way to transfer them, saving and loading each mixer preset from the original corresponding instrument?


  • Yes. You have to load the corresponding mixer preset from the Synchron player browser section (in the right top corner - preset - patch -mixer preset).

    If this doesn't work, create a Synchron player instance and load the instrument you want to customize. Then paste the customized content of the text editor. Also, check the key switches and range of your instrument. I remember that I had to adjust it manually.


  • Thank you, Erik. However, I only see, in the browser, the mixer presets for the selected instrument. So, I can't use the presets for Violin 2 on a duplicate of Violin 1. At least, as far as I can see.


  • Then you have to create 2 Synchron player instances. One for Violin 1, one for Violin 2. 1. Customize and copy the preset of the Violin 1 2. Paste it to text editor 3. Change the abbreviation, ID and folder name to match the Violin 2 4. Copy the edited text 5. Paste it to the default Violin 2 Synchron instance. Now you should have customized preset of Violin 2 with the correct mixer presets :) This is how I customize presets, but there might be an easier way.

  • This should work, but I see it is not very linear. At this point, I would file a feature request, and ask for a way to copy the mixer presets from a preset to another one.