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  • VEPro automation - only 1st instrument shown in multichannel vst?

    I'm trying to automate a Kontakt instrument inside VE Pro.  I clicked on the "automation mapping" icon, and in the automation mapping window, under the parameters tab, (after I click on the down arrow on the right) I see each midi port listed with its corresponding VST.  In this case, I have two instances of Kontakt and one instance of Best Service Engine.  When I click on one of those VSTs, it shows only the parameters of the first instrument in Kontakt.  I actually want to automate the second and third instruments.  Is this not possible?

  • There is no problem per se. 

    I can't tell what you mean by "When I click on one of those VSTs, it shows only the parameters of...". If you want something in Kontakt's parameters, either Host or MIDI automation, to be exposed to VE Pro you have to first ensure it's set in Kontakt.
    If it's an nks-enabled instrument it will be, and the Host Automation as assigned will be fixed, unalterable. If it isn't, it may not be already set; some things are, some are not in any way. Nothing I've used brings MIDI CC preset assignments in to my recollection and I only set that up in Kontakt as needed (as not obvious).

    This said, using VE Pro's automation mapping for MIDI control of Kontakt is redundant; if you send the data to the correct port and channel it will communicate it via VE Pro without having to do anything more than write it in your DAW host. If it's a child slot in a Kontakt .nkm, preset automation will unwind relative to the first instantiated .nki, in addition to requiring its own channel (in the case of MIDI) to avoid conflicts.

  • Also, once you've ensured the assignments are set up in Kontakt, the Learn function in VE Pro works, rather than have to scroll through a drop-down menu. I'm guessing, but it seems like you're expecting some things to appear in Kontakt's automation list which just aren't/need doing manually.